M&S Printing inks and chemicals:

We are a dealer for pad printing inks, screen printing inks and printing chemicals. We offer numerous standard ink types from various manufacturers and special ink mixtures for customer requirements. Depending on the application we can test and recommend the best type of ink. We offer the classic range of printing inks for pad printing and screen printing and implement customized solutions.

  • Pad printing inks
  • Screen printing inks
  • Hardener, thinner, retarder
  • Cleaner, bio-cleaner, solvents

  • Developer
  • Etching medium
  • Remover
  • Retouching varnish

  • Test printing

  • Help and advice for inks
  • Training
  • We match printing pads, designs, clishes and inks for your application

  • Please note our special product:

    REIKOSOL SI (20-ltr-can)

    - Eco-friendly cleaning agent / solvent
    - Mild chemical
    - Biodegradable universal solvent
    - No subject to classification - Not dangerous good!
    - Flashpoint ~ 103C
    - No evaporation

    REIKOSOL SI can be used in jet-washers,
    cleaning machines with rotary basket, screen washing machines
    and basins.

    REIKOSOL SI is used for
    - Pad printing (Cleaning the cliches and machine parts)
    - Silk screen (Cleaning the printing screens and machine parts)
    - Paint removal
    - Degreasing

    M&S Printing inks and chemicals
    ..for all applications