M&S Printing pads:

We are manufacturers of printing pads for pad printing in Munich. We offer many standard pad shapes and special shapes. Depending on the application, we can offer different pad compounds. We provide the classic range of printing pads and implement customized solutions.

  • Own production
  • In-house mold
  • Production of special shapes
  • All forms available in different pad masses
  • All popular hardnesses
  • Adaptation of existing shapes to customers requirements
  • Test-Printing
  • Help and advice for choosing the printing pads
  • Training
  • We match printing pads, designs, clishes and inks for your application

  • Printing pad catalog (PDF 3,0 MB)

    M&S classical printing pads with excellent characteristics
    for top quality in pad printing

    M&S antistatic turquoise printing pads collect less dust,
    for process reliability in pad printing

    Demofilm - antistatic pads (AVI 2,39 MB)

    Conventional printing pad collects dust electrostatically

    M&S antistatic blue printing pads collect less dust,
    dry quality, less sticky